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However, some customers are not satisfied with a perfectly mastered knife, of a perfect shape, and full functionality. They prefer a decorated knife. Some wish for only a handle or blade to be decorated, others want the whole knife decorated. This is a job for an artistic craftsman or an artist. It is the same with Otakar Pok. Perfect products leave his workshop for further processing, to go to the art workshops, where they are engraved, carved, or gilded. Such knives, usually called solitaires, are sometimes real masterpieces: beauty, high quality, and functionality are embedded into them. No wonder that they are the centre focus of many collectors throughout the world. The quality of Pok´s knives has been proven by many prizes, which have been awarded at Cutler´s Exhibitions in the ultimate cutlers´ competition " The Knife of the Year" proclaimed by Cutlers´Association Bohemia Cultellatores.

  • 1995 Příbram - Craft Knives
  • 1996 Brno - 1st prize for decorated knives
  • 1997 Brno - Winning Collection of Knives
  • 1998 Prague - 1st Price for the Sharpener of the Year
  • 1998 Příbram - Cutler of the Year Title
  • 1998 Brno - Open general purpose knives
  • 1999 Prague - 2nd Prize for the Sharpener of the Year
  • 1999 Charleroi - The Belgian Knife´s Society - Creativity Prize
  • 2000 Brno - Millenium Award - Jury´s Prize for decorated dagger
  • 2000 Příbram - The Knife of the Year, in the category of Opened hunting knife
  • 2000 Příbram - The Knife of the Year, in the category of Decorated knife
  • 2001 Brno - Open general purpose knives
  • 2001 Příbram - The Knife of the Year, in the category of Open hunting knives
  • 2001 Paris - SICAC - Award for collection of fixed knives, with engravings
  • 2005 Brno Super- The knife of The Year
  • 2007 Příbram – The Knife of The Year -in the category of Hunting knives

Since 1997, Otakar Pok has participated in cutler´s exhibitions in Europe (Germany - IMA in Munich, Solingen and Sindelfingen, France - Thiers and SICAC in Paris). In 2001 he became a member of DMG (Deutsche Messermacher Gilde).

All prizes bring joy and inspiration for further work. The bigger and more prestigious the exhibition, the bigger the happiness -as was in Paris in 2001 where 116 cutlers from 18 countries participated.

Otakar Pok is the only Czech cutler who has received one of the most prestigious prizes for his products, awarded by the biggest European Exhibition in Paris (SICAC 2001). Currently, besides the Pok family members, the firm has one employee who sharpens knives for customers and firms (cooks, butchers, etc.). In the centre of Pilsen, in Klatovská street, where the Pok firm has its workshop and shop, you can buy a wide range of Pok´s knives, and also regular production knives from famous companies from around the world.

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